Step 2 : scientific secretariat

The ANT Congres team has a clinical research coordinator that will help you in the management and coordination of your event’s scientific program.

ANT Congres is in charge of implementing and monitoring the call for abstracts, along with the complete coordination during the design of the scientific program.

We implement several monitoring tools to ensure the proper achievement of each step of the conference process: 


fleche Design and management of the call for abstract module

fleche Contact with abstract submitters and presenters  


fleche Management of speakers and poster presenters


fleche Management of the conference abstracts


fleche Constant link between the Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee


fleche Coordinating the elaboration of the scientific program 


fleche Updating the program along the way (themes, titles, presentations, speakers’ credentials, abstracts)


fleche Communication with the targeted scientific journal for abstract publications after setting common guidelines


fleche Onsite our team ensure that the program goes smoothly both on a technical aspect (video, slides, audio, livestream if needed) and on a scheduling aspect (respecting the timing, managing moderation panels, Q&A, polling apps). A dedicated staff member will be the liaison between the different key actors of the conference.



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