Step 4 : logistics

We cover all logistics aspect of your event

Selecting the congress venue, sending speakers’ invitations, organizing a welcome reception, choosing the right caterer, trust us to make the best choices for your event!

fleche Sending speakers’ invitation, day-to-day interaction with faculty and onsite welcome 

fleche Selecting the catering services best suited to your event (sending RFPs, selecting bids, adapting to diet and allergy constraints)

fleche Managing all catering needs for the event (coffee break, welcome reception, lunches)

fleche Sponsorship management

ANT congres is experienced in securing sponsors and managing their expectations for events. Our team is dedicated to managing partners and sponsors’ advantages such as industry symposia with live streaming, videotaping, polling, Q&A, but also dedicated meeting rooms at the event. ANT congress is also experienced in designing the best exhibit hall ensuring that all exhibitors have a prime access to conference attendees.

fleche Updating the program on the website

fleche Press liaison

fleche Selecting third party vendors (e.g. AV, signage, printing services, conference mobile application)


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