Step 1 : administrative tasks, financial planning, communication

ANT Congres is by your side to organize your conference from the planning stage to the implementation stage.

We are dedicated to creating solid bases to build your personalized event, taking into account the specificities of each country and each company. 

We implement several project monitoring tools to ensure the proper management of each step:

fleche Elaboration of an event production planning tool based on backward scheduling (including meetings via conference calls or in person)

fleche Allocation of a dedicated project manager, available to answer all your questions and in charge of abiding by your determined budget and your event specifications

fleche Establishing a comprehensive agenda for each meeting 

ANT Congres dedicated to budget control

Our finance department secures your financial flows and takes care of fiscal obligations related to the organization of your conference. Based on your specifications we elaborate a forecast budget and update it in real time all along the planning process. 

ANT Congres is in charge of identifying and securing sponsors

 With the support of the Organizing Committee, we conduct a scientific watch to identify inescapable and emerging actors in your field. Furthermore, we participate in various relevant international conferences to approach potential sponsors and financing partners, but also to promote the event to potential attendees. Your company will benefit from our extensive network of key leaders in pharmaceutical labs and biotechs relevant to your field.  

From the identification of the partner to the signature of the purchase order, our sponsorship manager is the sole contact person for your partners. In charge of the sustainability of the partnership, he will find the right balance between both parties. The day of the event he is also in direct contact with the partner and in charge of meeting the partner’s expectations and proper execution of the contracted advantages.

ANT Congres manages the promotion of your event

To create, develop and reinforce the visibility of your event we create a communication and promotion strategy centered around three main time periods: 

fleche Before the conference: we design and send newsletters to potential attendees in order to inform them of the event and retain their attention (save the date, program…). We also communicate on social media to maximize the dissemination of information (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).

fleche During the conference : we continue our active communication on social media to make sure to engage attendees who were unable to attend so they can follow the conference from afar. Our team gathered around our Digital Marketing Manager is in charge of disseminating the key moments of the conference onto social media to create a buzz around the event.

fleche After the conference: we will put online webcasts and sessions, on your website, so that everyone can discover or rediscover the event, and get more information on the next edition.

We can also take care of the graphic identity of the conference if you do not have one, as well as its declination onto the different communication supports (e.g. flyers, banners, ads).


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